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Jewelry and woman have a connection since time immemorial. Women like wearing jewelry on special occasions. But silver jewelry is something that is considered stylish, elegant and classy at the same time.


What is 925 silver?


When silver is mixed with 7.5% copper rest being pure silver then it is called 925 silver. Pure silver is very attractive when looked at, but it is difficult to make jewelry out of it because complex and intricate designs cannot be made on it. It comes handy to craft unique and elegant designs.


Styles of earrings


Silver can be modified into different designs and styles as per the requirements of the customer and the manufacturer. This is one of the biggest advantages that come with making jewelry of silver. Following are some earring designs that the manufacturer offers you. You can choose from a variety of earring designs show-cased on many websites ranging from the traditional sterling silver bali hoop earrings to the modern day triple hanging earring.


  • 1) Shiva eye shell hook earrings
  • 2) Stone hanging earrings
  • 3) Silver butterfly earrings
  • 4) Silver hoop bali earrings
  • 5) Triple hanging earring
  • 6) Silver flower earring
  • 7) Angel earrings
  • 8) Pentagram star earrings


If you are someone like me, who enjoys the following tradition but according to the recent trends, then the Silver hoop Bali earrings cannot be ignored showcased exclusively on shopping sites. These earrings complement both traditional and western wear and make sure to draw attention even of those who are the envy of you. Enjoy being a trendsetter in your group, and set new standards by buying one for yourself and one for your darling BFF.


Tips to take care of your new Sterling Silver Bali Hoop Earrings


  • Wearing silver jewelry often helps in avoiding it being tarnished. The skin oils keep it clean and shiny.


  • When doing the household chores, remove any kind of silver jewelry which can come in contact with the chlorinated water. When silver comes in contact with chlorinated water it gets tarnished easily.


  • Remove your silver earring before going to sunbathing or swimming because silver gets tarnished when comes in contact with the sun.


  • Even cosmetic products and lotions, hair spray and perfumes cause the product to be tarnished.


The health factor:


The history of silver involves antibiotics and sterilization. Many women wear silver jewelry to avoid infections, cold, and fever and different other viruses and bacteria. Silver plays a role in maintaining the elasticity level of our veins and also helps in the formation of bones and healing as well.


The online shopping sites offer you a wide range of silver earrings that can make you look classy and elegant at the same time. Even your pockets would allow you to buy these classic earrings. Thinking to buy it for your anniversary, don’t give it a second thought, order now and give a chance to people and let them feel envy of you…