925 Sterling Silver Stud Earrings Types

Silver Ear Stud:

With the ever evolving trends and patterns of fashion, silver remains a common and favored jewelry option. Typically, the silver ear stud is glossy and flashy and they never look lavish because they are so thin. Therefore, silver stud earrings are an exceptional piece of sparkling jewelry. For adding an additional impudence to stunning stud earrings, silver being the shiniest metals on earth is appropriate.

Silver ear stud is the most versatile earrings you can own, they are like a circle-like shape earrings, also known as dot earrings. Simple ear stud and plain ear stud are famously well-known. Not all stud earrings are dot-shaped, but they may be the same or a little larger in dimensions. 925 silver jewelry wholesaler stock variety of silver studs that can have designs such as star, dangle feather, shark, black flower, bows, and many more lovely and swanky patterns. Quite often, we see silver ear stud can range from basic ear stud and plain ear stud to marcasite ear stud.

Oxidized Ear Stud:

  • The oxidized ear stud is made of silver that has been exposed for a long time to oxygen in a pressurized environment. As it is a darker gold and has very little luster, it is distinct from typical platinum.
  • Oxidized ear stud is a piece of blackened or oxidized silver is genuine sterling silver, but by exposing it to a chemical phase, the surface has been purposely darkened.


Crystal and Cubic Zirconia Ear Stud:

  • An outstanding alternative to a diamond stud is the crystal ear stud and cubic zirconia ear stud. This crystalline material (or CZ) is synthetic, which suggests that in a laboratory it is made. By melting powered zirconium and powered zirconium dioxide together by heating them up to 4.982F, this synthetic crystalline material is formed.
  • Cubic Zirconia is not a stone, but a man-made material. It is very distinct from the Zircon natural gemstone. Often considered an affordable diamond substitute, the cubic zirconia ear stud has distinctive cosmetic features and physical form because it is lab-grown, whereas natural diamonds are exquisite gemstones that exist naturally.
  • Crystal ear studs are available in various colors, the materials from which they are manufactured are colorless, solid, hard and practically flawless.

Micropave Ear Stud:

  • A very small crystal or diamond or cubic zirconia in micropave ear stud, usually less than 0.01 carat, which is uniform in size and set using very small prongs. More than 100 very tiny pieces are mostly used in micropave arrangements.
  • Micropave ear stud typically has an absolute symmetry of all components: metal beads holding each stone; precise undercutting that gives stones the impression of floating above the surface; arches on the sides of the rows; consistent alignment and placement of the stones with leveled tables; and, of course, the cut and dimensions of each stone.

Marcasite Ear Stud:

  • Marcasite ear stud is made of pyrite and varies from silver-white to bronze in colour. Marcasite is the tiny stones and silver is the binding bits.
    Marcasite ear stud is made of gemstones using cut and polished bits of pyrite, and not marcasite, as the name implies.

925 Silver Jewelry wholesaler suppliers provides the evidence of authentication of silver ear stud. Therefore, to have your jewelry checked, you are not expected to go from one store to another.

Silver ear studs provides versatility, and people choose silver to pricey metals such as gold and platinum. This is why Silver is now known as "the New Gold" Silver is very delicate and soft in its pure and raw nature, which is not suitable for the transformation into ornaments.

Pure silver is then mixed with either copper or nickel or other metal alloys and changed to Sterling Silver to provide the piece of jewelry with longevity and strength. Along with a tinge of elegance, are you looking for perfection? Go for silver ear stud without a second glance!