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What is Shiva Eye Gemstone?

Shiva Eye Shell gemstones are also known as “Pacific Cat’s Eye,” found in Thailand, Australia & Indonesia. Specifically, made from Turban Snail, Shell is swirling at the protective shell opening door that detaches from the end of the snail’s natural life.  Symbolically many people consider as the doorway of the unconscious to reveal the full power of the third eye of Shiva.  Shiva's eyes shell knows as spiritual knowledge, transformation, destruction & creation. The swirling pattern executes the interconnections of all things, eternity, and understanding. The divine third eye helps us connect with the minds of the universe; it will take us deep into ourselves, leading to wisdom.

 Shiva Eye Origin

Sea Snail of Operculum, an opening of shell operculum, is located when the snail retracts body inside for the protective barriers to avoid dying out in times or heat is called trapdoor. When the snail is alive, the operculum is a flexible membrane. After ages, it becomes hard like a typical calcareous seashell, the opercula appear to flatten and round, etc. The flat shell has shown in a delicate brown swirl in a creamy white body that seems like an “eye.”

Shiva Eye in Jewelry

In a range of silver jewelry, Shiva eye shell has taken a spiritual place in the gemstone category; embedded Shiva eye shell jewelry is stunning in shine and creamy white. In Silver Jewelry, there is a beautiful journey of Shiva eye gemstone embedded in silver metal, just an endeavor, day by day.


Shiva Eye Jewelry Benefits

Meditation and the healing process are enhanced using shiva eye gemstone jewelry. Meditation with Shiva's eye reduces anxiety, pain, depression, stress, improve peace of mind, improves your health, and prevents cardiac diseases. Thousands of years in many cultures believe Shiva eye stone protects from evil eye and enhances peace of mind and kindness. When held in your body, the subtle Shiva's eye emits positive vibrations. It triggers all the beats to interact with your family; it helps you eliminate the daily obligations to improve yourself with a positive mindset. Shiva Eye Jewelry helps to get out of fear and enhance your faith. Shiva's eye is known as Third Eye Chakra. It interprets inside and outside the body of ourselves. Protection from all kind of negativity enhancing and help to concentrate the mind, resonate the sacred energy.