Nose Piercing - How to Choose the Right Jewelry?

A plain silver nose pin will be your go-to piece of jewelry anytime you do not want to look too dressy and resist wearing too much jewelry. Without being too loud, it will lend you a chic look.

The second most common type of body piercing, after earrings, is nose rings. It is becoming more mainstream today to wear a nose ring and a growing number of people choose to have their noses pierced. Like in any form of jewelry, your individuality is conveyed by a nose ring and the kind of ring you chose will tell something about you. You may pick your look, from pretty and exotic to defiant and non-conforming.


A 925 Silver nose Jewelry wholesaler can give you variety of nose jewelry options like CZ Nose Stud, Crystal Nose Stud, Pearl Nose Studs, Plain Nose Stud, Oxidized Nose Stud, Opal Nose Studs/Hoops, Nose Hoops, Nose Screw, Enamel Nose Stud, Nose Septum, Logo Nose Studs, Non Piercing Nose. A curved piercing hole can be formed by nostril rings or hoops, so piercers almost always prefer using a straight post for an initial piercing.


  1. Nose Studs

Nose studs go for any form, basically. You should go for a wider nose stud that has a stone in it if your nose is big. Then you should go for a bigger stud if your nose is narrow. That's one major bonus of buying nose studs, you can still wear one without thinking a lot about what kind of clothes are going to go with it.


  1. Hoop nose rings

When you have a narrow, long nose, the hoops look better. For a large nose, they will not go well. Hoop nose rings come in different sizes and styles, some larger diamond and pearl rings go extremely well with formal dresses, ideal for special events and weddings.



  1. Septum nose rings

Certainly, septum nose rings are for women who want to make a declaration as they enter a room. On any sort of face shape, septum rings appear perfect. The fashion sense and ability to wear it is what you really need. They come in diverse styles, some of which are very popular and some plain and delicate.


  1. Bali

On prominent noses, this sort of nose ring must be worn. This is primarily a heavy style of jewelry, but in order to wear it, one requires a prominent nose. In addition, this is why it is worn on western clothing on special occasions.


Traditional Hoop/Ring

This is the kind of nose jewelry that is most widely worn. It is built to be a long, smooth hoop that is kept in place and fits into the opening.


Captive or fixed bead rings

A variation of the conventional ring and the barbell is a captive bead or fixed bead ring. These are very common, but elimination can be very difficult.


Curved Barbells

A variant of the ring is a curved barbell, also known as banana bars and twisted barbells. For septum piercings, this is particularly ideal and can be inserted into the hole by unscrewing the ball ends.


Nose bone

This is a thin straight bar that is readily able to slip through a nose piercing. What prevents it from slipping out is the beaded lip. This are normally much smaller than nose jewels of other kinds.



L-Shaped pin

In order to avoid the jewelry from slipping out of the piercing, this is a straight post with an L-shaped bend. The bend will have a 45 to 90 degree angle. A plain ball, stud, or an innovative arrangement can be the end of the L-bend.


Nostril screw

This is similar to the L-bend, but instead of a curved bar, it has a curvy tail. By curling around the inside of the nostril, it keeps the jewelry in its place. The nostril screw holds securely and gives additional protection to the piece.

Nose Piercing Nose Piercing

Nose Piercing Nose Piercing


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