Gold Plated Jewelry

Gold Plating is a procedure of applying a thin layer of gold onto the surface of a silver jewelry. Gold-filled jewelry is composed of solid layer of gold; it constitutes 5% total weight of jewelry. High Quality Gold plated items will appear as high Karat gold. Merits of gold plating are very much resistible and unfading either or metal underneath issues.

                Gold plated jewelry is very affordable & cheaper than pure gold jewelry, this kind will give you as same finish like pure gold in keenly priced. This gold plating has surrogate levels of quality, mostly depends on purity and thickness. The thickness in gold plating on silver jewelry it measured as microns, Gold plating thickness determines the resistance of a silver jewelry.

What is God Plating?

                Gold plating is a procedure of thin layer of gold companion with silver ornament. In jewelry world gold plating is common, this procedure is invented by Italian chemist Luigi Brugnatelli in 1805 – The first person who plated thin gold in silver jewelry.

What is Gold Electroplating Process?

                                Gold plating process is so easy with electroplating but it requires some of simple steps, jewelry must be cleaned thoroughly from the pollutants. The important step is to clean from dirt and oil from the surface of a jewelry.  There are three basic cleaning processes like electromagnetic cleaning, steam cleaning & ultra-sonic cleaning, these are base methods of clean the metal for best results.  

A High Quality thin layer of nickel is plated on base metal is to protect the gold layer from the impact of base metal.  Final layer which is dipped with gold and positive electrical charges to fuse the gold into the base metal. Once the gold plating is done with satisfaction, Jewelry hangs to dry.

How thick is gold plating?

Thickness is around .17 of plating is known as gold flashed or gold electroplated, it resist the jewelry from tarnishing. Thickness is around 0.5 microns to 1.0 microns, it may sound thin but still this is sufficient for the jewelry and non-vulnerable for rough wear.

Gold plating fades or tarnishes?

                         Gold plating is very much resistible for rough use in daily basis, but still aging may lead to tarnish or fade in over time. Over all the ornaments are assured as rust less.   

How long gold plating will last?

         The procedure is to be permanent, but still there is some impact of exposure that doesn’t handle hard and too rough handling. Gold plating wearing for over time it will flake off, the base metal exposed to underneath and also loses the luster in over time. Basically gold plating last up to 2 years with proper care.


Gold plating is hypoallergenic?

                     Gold plating jewelry are non-allergenic kind, Mostly nickel, zinc and cobalt metal causes skin allergy of some of silver jewelry are mixed with nickel called as metal alloy. When gold layer tarnished the other metal like nickel or zinc base metal will expose and may lead to hypoallergenic.