What Is Gold? | Origin | How to Check Purity

Thousand years ago, a child found some shining rock in a creek. The human race was initiated with “Gold” for the first time as “Shining Yellow Nuggets” and it was discovered in a natural state, Streaming all over the world everybody says “The Gold Where Do you find it”. The first metal it’s known by early hominids. Gold has taken a part for culture of humans, its brilliant shine, luster with natural beauty; it has great malleability and resistance. Many of an empire & Kingdom’s are destroyed and also built by the gold.

                Gold is mostly used for jewelry and it’s known as precious metal, usually gold metal is so much soft that’s why pure gold is made in coins and bars. The softness of purity, raw material of gold cannot be maiden jewelry it will bend easily because absence of hardness in pure gold 24K. So far the gold is mixed with metal alloy which is the base of metals, to make the gold harden the metal alloy will blunge. Karts are known as “carats’ in North America and in the gold bars there is a stamp like xxK and xxKT is identifies quality is authentic of gold’s grade, Grade of gold is calculated in ratio. The karat measured in ratio with gold & other metal alloys. Measured from 0 to 24, Higher karat contains of higher parts of gold and low amount of another metals.  24K, 22K, 18K, 14K, 12K, 10K & 9K mostly 14K are the highest selling gold jewelry in affordable price.

What is Gold Fineness?

 The measuring of quality, Purity of Gold, Its evaluated in parts 9K is 9 parts gold out of 24K is 37.5% of purity, 10K is 10parts gold out of 24K is 41.7% of purity, 12K is 12 parts gold out of 24K is 50% of purity, 14K is 14 parts gold out of 24K is 58.3% of purity, 18K is 18 parts gold out of 24K is 75% of purity, 20K is 20 parts gold out of 24K is 91.7% of purity, 24K is 24 parts gold out of 24K is 99.9% of purity and gold elevate with copper secondary like silver or palladium. Gold featured because of it doesn’t rust and tarnish.

How to find percentage of gold & other metal in jewelry?

                                The percentage of pure gold can be discover easily and implies the correct rate of gold. Worldwide gold has measured in grams and listed in 24K price. How to calculate, If you going to purchase 18K Gold! Divide 18K with 24K e.g. 18K ÷ 24K = 0.75, that represence 75% of pure gold and 25% of other metal. 

Gold extraction has unique in economic whether its inflated or deflated still the gold has great impact for all the time.