Fabulous Tips on how to style 925 Silver Stud Earrings

The fabulous designs of the silver stud earrings are what makes them so special and precious in 925 silver jewelry. In addition, one can wear them at all times no matter of your occasion or fashion style. Studs are easy to style, you can pair them with other pieces of 925 Sterling Silver jewelry seamlessly or wear them alone. Silver Stud Earring are tiny and versatile, appropriate for any occasion. Here are fabulous tips on how to style stud earrings.


Tip 1: 925 silver Semi-Precious earrings can add a royal look to you.

925 Silver Pearl studs will always have their place in the fashion world. Pearls are timeless. With pearl stud earrings, one can never go wrong. Each lady in her jewelry box needs to have genuine freshwater pearl earrings. The most commonly sold pearl earrings are true freshwater pearls. There are many types of Pearl Earrings apart from studs like pearl drop earrings, dangle earrings, pearl hoop earrings, etc.

Choose wholesale Pearl Ear studs around 7.5-9 mm in diameter, which are most likely to suit all styles and are sufficiently versatile to be able to dress up or down with. As timeless and flexible as a diamond earring, the Silver Pearl studs are. They can be worn in the morning to style a formal business suit, and they can be worn at business lunch.




Tip 2: You can make your beauty radiate when you wore a 925 silver cubic zirconia ear studs 

Cubic Zirconia is not a stone, but a man-made material. Cubic Zirconia is much less pricey than the diamonds every day; however, its brilliance and crystal clarity make it a better alternative to diamonds that cost possession of fortunes. they are cut and also have a clarity that is clearer than the actual diamonds.

Other styles of clothes may also be modeled with the 925 silver Cubic Zirconia ear studs with stones on them. You might, for instance, wear them to events, to work, when you fly or have lunch with friends.


Tip 3: 925 sterling silver micro pave  could be a very good option especially for an evening party.

Wholesale 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry has segment of Micro Pave refers specifically to very tiny diamonds (typically less than 0.01 carat) that are uniform in size and set using very small prongs. Pavé setups usually use larger diamonds than micro pavé configurations, with less overall pavé set diamonds. Put on a delicate necklace that will seamlessly fit with your stud earrings and you're good to go. Throw on a dress or trendy top and jeans in Wholesale Price.

Those who have multiple ear piercings can do styling by warning several studs, and like to have fun with them. It's a pattern that has been rising quietly lately.


Tip 4: Wear 925 silver wholesale Semi-Precious ear studs with sapphires , aquamarine , pearls and several other stones set in studs.

925 Silver wholesale semi-precious ear stud can have gem stones like blue sapphire, ruby, sapphire, moonstone, turquoise, emerald, garnet, sunstone and corundum etc in Bulk Silver . A special type of drop earrings is the Silver Dangle earrings, except they are about half an inch longer. By their specific form and several lines of gemstones, you will recognize chandelier earrings. Semi-Precious earrings and professional attire are such a great combo because these jewelry pieces are very subtle and comfy, yet stylish and always trendy. They could give you the beauty and sophistication that your regular outfit can't do on its own.