Does Silver Jewelry Change Color over the Years?

Yes, silver jewels change color or get tarnished over time. Though silver is known to be resistant to corrosion, you can expect it to be completely tarnish-free. If the outer layer of the silver jewels comes in contact with sulfur, oxygen, moisture, or perfume, it goes through a chemical reaction resulting in the jewels getting tarnished.

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How to Prevent Your Silver Jewels from Getting Tarnished?

Indeed, prevention is always better.


      • Once you are done flaunting your silver jewels for the day, make sure to clean it thoroughly using a cloth.


      • Store them in an air-tight container after every use.


      • Avoid using them while swimming, bathing, or exercising. Make sure you keep your jewels away from your body lotions.


This way you can make your jewels last longer. It may sound simple, but it will help save your jewels.

Anti-Tarnishing silver jewelry |

How to Remove the Tarnish from the Silver Jewels?

However, the tarnish or discoloration can be removed easily by following a few methods. Here are a few of our suggestions,


      • Clean your silver jewels with an anti-tarnish cloth designed to remove the tarnish.


      • The combination of baking soda and water may also help remove the tarnish.


      • Gently scrub the tarnished silver jewels using a soft-bristled brush with some toothpaste. You just need to make sure that the toothpaste does not contain the whitening formula.


You must also make sure to buy hallmarked jewels from reputed sellers or it might not be easy to remove the tarnish. 


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