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Buying sterling silver jewelry whether it is a sterling silver necklace or sterling silver pendant, it is positively an investment that gives more and more benefits as time passes. The 925 real sterling silver Pendants consists of the 92.5% percent pure silver and rests 7.5% with some other metals like copper. There is the need to mix the copper to give the hardness to the silver.  The trend of silver sterling jewelry never goes off. Moreover, the value price of the jewelry never changes.


Ways to identify the difference between fake and real 925 sterling silver earrings or pendants-


  • Use of Magnet is one of the easy tests to ensure whether the silver sterling pendant is real or not. The metals like silver, gold, and platinum are nonferrous materials that mean they are not magnetic in nature. Therefore if your jewelry is attracted towards the magnet, then it is not real 925 sterling silver jewelry.


  • Moreover, the real 925 sterling silver should have certain marks like 925, .925 or S925 on it to indicate the purity of the silver. You may also check the hallmark stamp on the jewelry.


Health benefits of Silver


  • Silver act as powerful microbial agent in the body.


  • It plays an important role in balancing the other elements in the body.


  • Moreover, it helps to keep the blood vessels flexible.


  • The silver metal also helps in the skin formation, blood healing, and circulation.


Care required by the silver for using long life


  • The silver jewelry should be regularly polished to remove the tarnish.


  • Do not use the cosmetic products, lotions or perfumes while wearing the silver jewelry. This will tarnish the product of the silver.


  • Keep the silver jewelry in the sealed plastic bag and put it into jewelry box.


  • In case your jewelry gets dirty and lose the luster, then you may clean them with the piece of special jewelry cloth.


Different styles of Pendants


The silver can be transformed into different designs and styles according to the specification of the customer and manufacturer. The 925 sterling silver Pendants in wholesale are available in the various designs and shapes. They are categorized by the given names below-


  • 1) Plain Pendants
  • 2) Shiva Eye Pendants
  • 3) Micro Pave Pendants
  • 4) Real Gem Stone Pendant
  • 5) CZ Pendant
  • 6) Marcasite Pendants


I hope my readers will easily understand all about the 925 Sterling silver concept that I have discussed above. Moreover, if anyone wants to buy the best quality sterling silver pendants designs at the cheap rate, then they can buy from any online shopping sites.