2mm Flat fire blue green opal nose stud silver


Item Code: NSOP09

Material: 925 sterling silver

Main Stone: OPAL

Top Size: 2mm

Price Per Pair


Embrace Vibrant Charm with Our Silver Crafted Fire Blue Green Opal Nose Stud

A Symphony of Color: 2mm Flat Fire Blue Green Opal Nose Stud
Elevate your aura with our 2mm Flat Fire Blue Green Opal Nose Stud, flawlessly encased in fine silver. This vibrant accessory offers more than mere
adornment - it's a celebration of your individualistic style. The gemstone, flaunting shades of the azure sky and verdant landscapes, adds an
irresistible allure to your personality.

Kaleidoscopic Charm: Fire Blue Green Opal
At the heart of this nose stud lies the dazzling Fire Blue Green Opal, a true marvel of nature. This opulent gemstone exudes hues of deep ocean blues
intertwined with vivid leafy greens, creating a soothing harmony of colors. Each new perspective reveals a different blend of shades, ensuring a new,
mesmerizing discovery with every look.

Silver Sophistication: Unmatched Craftsmanship
Bask in the glow of pristine silver. This nose stud showcases a blend of durability and elegance in its exquisite craftsmanship. The delicate detailing
and flawless design make this piece not only robust but also an elegant testament to your impeccable taste.
More Information
Nose Type Ball End , Straight End
Gemstone Opal
Plating Silver
Metal 925 Silver
Price Per Pair
Size 2mm Top
brand Safasilver
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