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Wholesale Sterling Silver Charms and Beads


Sterling silver charms and beads come in many interesting designs for necklaces or bracelets. At, we offer an exclusive collection of wholesale silver charms that your customers are guaranteed to love. 


Our high-quality sterling silver beads and charms from Thailand come at affordable wholesale prices. Select from our unique selection of designs and let our designers help you customize your beads and charms. 

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Premium Materials and Finish


Our beads, charms, and pendants available at are all made from sterling silver for that exceptional shine. We use die castings that are safe and made from lead-free materials.


We also offer other finishes to accommodate our customers’ requests. Some of them include gold, rose gold, and rhodium.


Wholesale Silver Charms


Silver charms feature unique decorative elements, shapes, and themes. They are often used to create necklaces, bracelets, and even earrings. 


At, we offer a well-curated collection of wholesale silver charms. Some designs on our website include angel wings, seashells, OM, evil eye, English alphabet, starfish, floral, and oxidized heart shape.


Sterling Silver Beads Wholesale


Whether you’re using smaller beads for spacing or larger ones for statement necklaces, silver beads create a dynamic look in any jewelry. provides various colors of silver beads to meet our customers’ requirements. The most common options include plain and stone-studded beads used for making necklaces.

We can also customize our sterling silver beads, allowing you to match them with different small or large jewelry types.


Wholesale Silver Links


Silver links serve as the perfect building blocks for any unique handcrafted jewelry. They can be used to make an intricate necklace or a pair of elegant earrings.


Our selection of exquisite wholesale silver links features the finest details for your jewelry collection. Each piece is made from genuine 925 sterling silver to ensure the highest quality.


Buy Silver Charms and Beads at


Shop our unique collection of sterling silver charms and beads at wholesale prices. 

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